Durational site-specific sound mapping platform

Has it ever happened to you while passing by a familiar place that you noticed or heard something for the first time? Something that was always there but because you were not attentive enough it passed unnoticed?

With this in mind, I decided to create an augmented sound map, a slowly growing and playful map of Belfast assembled by tagging specific telecommunication boxes, those emitting an audible drone (continuous hum). The tagging process aims to engage people with the space around them, to understand how sound shapes our experience of the city.

For obvious reasons I started mapping places closer to me. Places I pass by daily and therefore have a closer relationship with or remember vividly. By inviting other people to participate in the process, this activity is designed to spread throughout Belfast creating a stronger connection with the city.

So… If you are keen on participating and know the whereabouts of one or more boxes, here’s what to do!
Email me with the location of the box and a very short text indicating:
1 / If you spotted the box by chance or do you pass it regularly
2 / Describing the surroundings of area around the box
3 / What was the time and date when you spotted the box

1 / Make sure you have a QRcode reader on your phone!
2 / The posters life is ephemeral – as it always is – but you can still track all the tagged boxes through this archive.
3 / This project is designed to work cross-browser and on both Android and iOS.
4 / X Marks The Spot is a project by Matilde Meireles.