‘X Marks the Spot’ is a platform that initiates different types of connections and collaborations either through inter-personal interactions, web-dissemination, or through ‘Off-Site’ events.

As a platform, it seeks to explore the different enriching aspects that each of these levels of interactions and collaborations can bring in to the project, making it open-ended. They all attempt to transform sound mapping into a shared experience of the city by exploring the relation between sound and everyday life while questioning the urban hierarchies of a city.

Within ‘Off-Site’ I invited three artists to explore different aspects and processes of ‘X Marks the Spot’. The project will keep expanding through various installations. Miguel Negrão presented the first result,  ’48Hz’, at Platform Arts from the 28th-30th of April 2014.


Tullis: Thanks for pressing pause on your hangover and taking this photograph : )