Tasks I undertook to tag the telecommunication boxes and map Belfast

1 / Spot a telecommunication box emitting an audible drone (continuous hum). Any possible help will be great!
2 / Record its sound always using the same contact microphone.
3 / Use an induction coil pick-up to search for the changes in the magnetic field generated by the box. Then choose and record a short sample.
4 / Analyse this recording to note the main frequencies and amplitudes that compose the sound.
5 / Design an A2 poster including just nine of these frequencies and amplitudes, and a QRcode that will give access to the web-archive. The poster mimics visually these scales of intensities.
6 / Print a black and white poster.
7 / Place the poster onto the telecommunication box.
8 / Photograph the result.
9 / Construct an idealised version of each sound using results from step 3 and analysis/resynthesis (Supercolider analysis/resynthesis by Miguel Negrão).
10 / Create a short composition that explores a sonic identity of the box using the recordings of step 2, 3 and 8.
11 / Upload to the web-archive the photograph, the short sound composition and a small text indicating how the box was found and/or the person relation with the place.