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This box was spotted by Chris just before Christmas 2013:
As a composer and sound artist I have always been aware of my surrounds and moreover the sounds around me. I remember years ago passing multiple telecommunication boxes and experiencing an audible phenomenon that seemed unusual and unorthodox, yet very intriguing. I couldn’t help but hum along to the drone that was produced by each box that I passed, despite the strange looks that I received from passers by.
I was extremely excited when I heard about this project, for a number of reasons.
1. It resolved my curiosity of the signs that specified the frequencies produced
2. I was happy to see someone acknowledgement the sound produced by these telecommunication boxes.
3. It will help others understand and appreciate the beauty of these sounds.

I came across this box during the winter of 2013, just before Christmas. I had been parking my car at the bottom of the street that the box is situated, and I continued to park there so that I could walk to and from my car, whilst experiencing the beautiful emission of sound coming from the box. This box is situated at the top of a small slopping road, yards away from the Stranmillis road, which has a fairly continuous flow of traffic, yet does’t drown out the sound of the box. Personally I feel that sounds of the road, in conjunction with various other sounds of the city, contribute to overall soundscape in which the box is surrounded.

Producing a continuous sound composed of:

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